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“connecting travelers to exotic Himalayan adventure destinations and beyond”

High Five Adventure accepts your booking with certain norms and conditions as per our company’s policy where all clients are committed to follow our rules and commitments which is for your safety and hassle free holiday once booked with us, assuring all that High Five Adventure a rising and reputed local adventure company in Nepal fully registered under laws of Nepal Government Tourism department, associated and life time member of Nepal Government bodies TAAN ( Trekking Agents Association of Nepal) and NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Associations – NTB (Nepal Tourism Board).
High Five Adventure assures all travelers safety, enjoyable and money-worth of holidays within Nepal-Bhutan and Tibet Himalayan destinations and accepts your bookings under the following terms and conditions.

Our Holiday Itinerary Conditions:
Welcome to High Five Adventure and we take great pleasure having you in our wide-range Himalayan destinations in Nepal-Bhutan & Tibet.

For your kind information all our trip itineraries with departure dates are well set and pre planned with perfect guidelines for you to plan your holiday trip with duration of your stay in our holiday destinations.

Our trekking and tour itineraries accommodations are all set in respective Hotels as per the itinerary chosen on Tourist Class or from 2 stars to 5 stars standard Hotels or Resorts in main cities and towns.

On trek and travel on route accommodation are in a nice and cozy Lodges / Home Stay, Guest House & Resorts with set healthy and hygienic food menus.

On camping where lodge and hotels are not available on route in some remote areas, we provide spacious excellent two men tents where all meals are cooked by our expert chef and cooks on trek and mountaineering expeditions.

On treks some days could be longer or shorter depending upon the fitness of the clients, availability of vehicle on time, flight delay, cancellation, unfavorable bad weather and roads or trail conditions. In this case your selected tour may differ from the chosen itineraries.
In rare situations, sometimes we are compelled to reroute or cancel the trips when such sudden conditions arises such as political unrest, riots, bad weather, broken road or trail condition and porter’s situation and condition.

In these situations beyond our company’s control, clients must understand to bear and co-operate with us and we will try our best to adjust the trip itinerary as best as possible for your convenience.

Sometimes in such situations the company has the right to cancel the trips due to unavoidable circumstance including less / minimum person booking on selected trips.

High Five Adventure strongly recommends and advice all travelers booked with us to acquire Travel and Medical Insurance, which is compulsory as all trekking destination are in remote areas around Himalaya where medical facilities are less or does not exists.

All travelers should have adequate protection on tour and treks covering personal injury, death, medical expenses, and repatriation expenses by any means of transportation including Helicopter services or air ambulance in emergency and immediate evacuation.
The insurance should also cover items or valuables if lost-missing-damaged or in theft situations.

You can pay by Credit Card (visa & master) or any valid quick process for queries please call and contact us 00977-1- to pay over the phone or through our bank accounts.

Please print out the form; fill up it duly signed and fax back us 00977-1-
Cheque Payment: Please make balance payment cheque payable to High Five Adventure Pvt. Ltd and post to the address:

Please forward the trip payment to our respective Bank account minimum of US$ 300 as advance payment, rest of the balance to be paid here in Kathmandu on arrival before your trip departure.

On booking with us please pay the advance trip payment of minimum US$ 300.00.
The payment for the outstanding trip cost will be Minimum of 4 weeks prior to your departure dates from home countries. If you choose to settle your holiday balance by credit card a handling charge of 3-4 % on the outstanding balance is made.

There is no handling charge for payment by cheque or bank transfer.
On last hour booking which will be Minimum of a week prior to group trip departure dates in this conditions 60 % payment should be made in advance through our bank with rest of the balance to be paid on arrival in Kathmandu.
Last hour booking will be accepted on any trips within Nepal holidays with 100% payment (07 days prior to tour starting dates. For Bhutan, India and Tibet trip does not apply where at least minimum of 2 weeks in advance required prior to trip departure for neighboring countries.

After booking with High Five Adventure Pvt Ltd, some may be forced to cancel the trip due to certain personal /domestic problem, medical, health, job or some other circumstances and reasons, understanding your positions the company will apply 30% as cancellation fee when the clients have notified our abroad agents or directly to High Five Adventure at least 2 months in advance before the trip departure.

50% cancellation fee is applied on over of 2 weeks to a month notice.
No refund will be made on last minute cancellation or at no show situations.

No refund from the trip cost If clients has to return back earlier breaking up from journey or tour, trekking / or any other trips due to medical / physical or personal reasons, in this case and situations the clients has to borne his / her own expenses on route of trekking including our accompanying staff or guides, and this applies with extra nights at hotel in Kathmandu or in any other final and last main cities before your departure homeward bound.

No refunds and reimbursement apples, if the company has to cancel or reroute the tour and treks to other areas due to unavoidable circumstances and unfavorable bad weather condition or any situations beyond our control.

In this type of situations and condition which might hardly occurs we will try our best to inform you ahead on time of the countries and route of tour and trek situation well on advance, if it occurs during your travel with us, in this case High Five Adventure holds the rights, and finally assuring all providing you with a hassle free and best enjoyable adventure of your life time holidays with us.

In all our tour and trekking trips, High Five guides, staff or escorts will have the authority to command during the treks and tours. If one misbehaves badly and commits any unlawful act, and disturbs the group with negative attitude and bad manners you will be compelled to leave from the tour and treks with No refund will be made in such circumstances and conditions.

While booked with us, where all clients should hold a valid passport with at least six months of validity from the return dates. Nepal tourist visas can be obtained from your home country at nearest Nepal Consulate or Embassy or upon arrival at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport including any border immigration post if traveling overland from India and Tibet.
The costs of Nepal visas are client sole responsibility.

For neighboring countries like Bhutan-Tibet and India the rules applies same as Nepal but on booking for these countries the company requires your passport details and other documents at least minimum of a week in advance to obtain visa and other legal process to travel around the country mentioned above beside Nepal.

In all our High Five Adventure trips require clients with sound health and medically fit before booking, and client should check with your family Doctor or Physician regarding your health and fitness before your trip in our Himalayan Holiday destinations.
We also need your medical history, Medical / Travel Insurance and dietary on your arrival in Kathmandu before your trip departures.

High Five Adventure takes elderly people and children in most of our trek and tours depending upon the chosen destinations where age is no bar, like in short moderate trekking and cultural-scenic tours not exceeding of a week or 2 weeks durations.
For high altitude trekking adventure elderly people of above 60 years should have proper doctors certificate that he is ok for the trip chosen, however please let us know you’re interested trip, so that we advise you on the choice of trips that suits.

The condition applies to children below 16 years of age, where parents and legal guardian should accompany the children in all our tour and trekking.

We may use your pictures or photograph of you being on treks and tour with us for our brochure and website to advertise and promote, sale our products through various publicity and advertisements, in this case High Five Adventure request all our valuable clients to allow and authorize us use.

High Five Adventure Pvt Ltd, might have to change our trip price if certain conditions arises sometimes while you book with us or on arrival in Kathmandu before trip departure, we will be firm to keep our trip cost as it is, but sometime a sudden change may arise like hotel-transportation-domestic air, porters prices may go up without any notice in short period of time, so in this case we request you to be positive, understand and cooperative with us.
However, we would like to keep the price as it is as much we can under our control and limits.


Nepal and other Himalayan destinations are all seasonal holiday destinations, but sometime the Himalayan unpredictable weather plays a great part in our holidays especially on trekking and climbing, more or less we will follow the itinerary days as flexible, but is unfavorable bad weather continues for many days, we might have to re-route or break the journey for your and our staff and porters safety, where safety and precaution is our top and first priority in all our holiday destinations. Other main reason might delay or need to cancel will be due to Heavy Snow-Rain- blockade of road or trekking trails due landslides, floods conditions including domestic flight delay and cancellation as well.

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